Women Instructor Course (WIC)

The KMG Women Instructor Course (WIC) is available for active KMG instructors.

The WIC is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements instructors may need to provide appropriate and effective instruction for women in their clubs, schools, and communities. The curriculum presents techniques and tactics, along with physical and mental drills, specifically addressing training goals relevant to many women.
The WIC, and other KMG programs for training women, focus on de-escalation, prevention and implementing solutions for common problems, including: sexual harassment and sexual violence, stalking, domestic violence, and a broad range of other dangerous circumstances experienced by many women. The course also includes an element of experiential training, providing participants with a unique insight into the threat of sexual violence.

The WIC helps instructors create a more welcoming KMG school and environment, understand women’s needs through case studies and research, identify why women come to train, and lead training programs for self-defense, safety and fitness. Thus, instructors participating in the WIC gain the potential to significantly increase their school’s client base.

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