SWAT Instructors Course

WAT officers are at the forefront of the law enforcement sector. Therefore, it is essential to develop determined and aggressive SWAT officers and fighters, who are also considerate and level-headed. An ideal SWAT officer is capable of fulfilling demanding and dangerous tasks, as well as maintaining high levels of physical and mental control, resilience and stamina.

We put emphasis on simple, yet effective, solutions against both common and erratic threats facing the different SWAT units. The KMG solutions leverage gross motor skills based on natural responses, and couple them with technical and tactical proficiency.

KMG’s SWAT instructor courses are conducted in different countries, tailor-made for each unit’s specific needs and tasks. The courses are suitable for serving instructors, members and officers of relevant units, and for certified KMG instructors who wish to excel and have already completed one of the following KMG courses: LEIC, MIC or VIPIC.

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