Kids Instructors Course (KIC)

KMG’s Kids Instructor Course (KIC) prepares instructors to create and manage a kids’ program, as well as providing specific teaching skills necessary for creating interesting and successful classes geared toward children and teens, and guiding them in becoming excellent trainees and strong, spirited young people.

KMG’s children’s training system and curriculum consists of realistic self-defense techniques and tactics that are effective not only against bullying, but also against attacks by adults. At the same time, KMG teaches children when it is and when it is not appropriate to use a physical response.

The training process for kids and teens also places emphasis on the development of important personality traits such as: courage, self-restraint, self-discipline, creativity, leadership, self-confidence, the ability to make decisions in stressful situations, and the understanding of when to use the acquired self-defense knowledge and capabilities.
Developing a youth program is a good investment for the future of any club, school or gym.

It is also a way to develop a talented and dedicated cadre of future instructors, enabling the club to flourish and grow. As parents, we all want to see our children remain safe, and become physically and mentally stronger. Our KMG Kids programs are here to make that happen.

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