SASI (single anastomosis sleeve ileal bypass) Surgery

A Promising operation for obese and diabetic patients. SASI (single anastomosis sleeve ileal bypass).A mix operation between gastric sleeves and gastric bypass surgeries.

How it is done?

Gastric sleeve is made together with gastric bypass by connecting stomach exit with the intestine after passing a part of it. All this is done without separating the stomach exit and so, There will be two ways for passage of food:
*30% of food passes in its normal pass way and so vitamins and minerals are normally absorbed.
*70% of food passes in gastric bypass pass way and so a lot of food and sugars are not absorbed which results in weight loss and treatment of diabetes.

More About SASI (single anastomosis sleeve ileal bypass) Surgery

How does SASI cure of Diabetes type 2 disease?

1-By increasing insulin secretion from the pancreas.
2-Decreasing body resistance to insulin.
3-Decreasing calories entering the body due to a decrease in stomach size.

Who is the best candidate for SASI?

1-Age from 18 to 65 years.
2-Obese patients with BMI more than 35.
3-Obese patients with BMI more than 30 in presence of other medical problems as diabetes or hypertension.


The bariatric surgery that overcomes the vitamins deficiency problems occurring in other surgeries. So patients do not have to commit to vitamins intake for long periods after it.

2-Achieves great goals in cure from Diabetes type 2.As the percentage of improvement reaches 95%.
3-Cures the patient from the disturbing obesity complications as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and bone diseases.

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